December 2002
Neglect of many years contributes to the corrosion of a once gorgeous facade.
In January 2002 Target Realty, LLC and Sky Management, Corp. took over the building.



Spring 2003
The apartment on the left and the former entrance and hallway are in the process of being converted into a store. A "stop work order" was issued by the New York City Department of Buildings for construction not conforming to plans submitted and approved by DOB. According to the application, the Landlord was making "modifications to the existing store front."


Spring/Summer 2003
The apartment on the right is now functioning as the hallway. Due to a stop work order the original stoop has not yet been demolished. According to plans, the basement is going to be a restaurant.



Spring/Summer 2004
In May 2004 the New York City Department of Building (DOB)s issued an order to convert the store area (zoned as residential) back into an apartment and rent it as an apartment. In August 2004 the first tenants moved into the newly established apartment #1. Note, the space still LOOKS like a store.


August 2004
Sky Management, Corp./Target Realty, LLC applied for and received a permit from DOB to demolish the over 100-year-old, solid stone stoop. The stoop is made from the same material as the Cooper Union Foundation building and will be replaced with a metal staircase similar to the two installed last year.

Shown here is a detail of one of the two "new" staircases leading from street level to the newly established apartment #1 (formerly apartment #2 and public hallway) and the new main entrance into the building (formerly apartment #1). Note: the stairs have been in use for approximately one year and already show signs of corrosion.

Approx. 2 years after this image was taken, the staris were painted black.

On October 16, 2007 the Board of Standards and Appeals ordered Sky Management and Target Realty to rent the cellar as office space and in accordance with with a variance issued in 1971. Zoning maven Doris Diether consulted with the tenants on this case.

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In the 1860s and 70s 8 Saint Marks Place housed the office of Madame Van Buskirk; one of the city's most famous and notorious abortionist. MORE >

Later, after abortion was criminalized, the site of the New York Cooking School; opened here by Juliet Corson in 1876, it was the first U.S. cooking school. By 1888 this was an Italian restaurant, La Trinacria, where Antonio Flaccomio, the first recorded victim of a Mafia hit in Manhattan, had dinner with his murderer before being stabbed to death by Cooper Union. MORE>

View 8 Saint Marks Place in the 1950s.